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North Yorkshire and the #Tories up the #Fracking ante

 20ImpactsShale2The Fracking Industry responded cautiously to yesterday’s decision to allow fracking to start in North Yorkshire.

Third Energy said they expected their relationship with the local community to continue in a reasonable manner. Third Energy Chief Executive said after the planning decision, “We do have a reasonable relationship with the local community. We answered the objections and we continued to do so throughout the process. All the questions have been answered”.

12565579_10153335004228388_1338933287329596499_nThat 15 parish councils, five town councils and Ryedale District Council all opposed the planning application seems to have been overlooked by the Chief Executive. And 4,000 letters of objection were submitted opposing the planning application.

As he spoke, the objectors were already planning their next move, and the North Yorkshire Police were getting ready for the response. A tweet from @NYorkspolice reminded everyone to, “Please be aware, the police will take action against unlawful behaviour linked to the #nyshale protest”.

Third Energy’s Chief Executive should, however, be able to rely on the writers of the thirty-six letters of support in the aftermath of the planning decision.

Frack Free Ryedale and Friends of the Earth may ask for a judicial review of the decision. It seems there may be legal battles ahead for Third Energy.

And closer to home, an email drops into my inbox from Greenpeace. I expect it dropped into millions of inboxes all over the country. Third Energy may have just upped the ante.

Green Party MEP, Keith Taylor, also issued a statement. Speaking to Greens all over the UK he said, “This outcome is hugely disappointing for local residents, campaigners, environmentalists and the country as a whole. The decision overlooks the scientific consensus, ignores the objections of local residents, and disregards Britain’s long-term energy needs”.

He likened the decision by the Tory dominated North Yorkshire Planning Committee to approve Third Energy’s planning application, as a message to Frackers that Britain is “up for shale“.

Say No To FrackingMr Taylor said, “This announcement will be welcomed by a (Tory) government so determined to fast-track this dangerous industry that it is prepared to overrule authorities that wish to remain frack-free. Let us not forget that the reason we haven’t seen fracking in the UK since 2011 is because of the environmental, and seismic, destruction the procedure caused in Blackpool”.

Meanwhile another Green Party MEP, Molly Scott-Cato, opened up the possibility that North Yorkshire’s decision could mean that regions all over the UK could be under threat, especially the South West, the area she represents.

She said, “This is a truly disastrous decision by councillors in North Yorkshire and shows that the Tories will willingly disregard the health, wellbeing and views of local people and the protection of the environment to enable a hugely damaging industry get stuck in and line its pockets. This is the tip of the iceberg and we could now see the frackers begin their march across our beautiful region. In the South West, fracking would prove enormously costly not just for our precious environment and landscapes but also for a rural economy so heavily reliant on tourism. Some of our most fragile and treasured landscapes could become exposed to noise, air, light and water pollution.”

26c184ac242a9ec97f1e49232b4220b0It seems the Tories and North Yorkshire County Council have, by giving Third Energy permission to Frack in Ryedale, just galvanised opposition nationally against the Frackers.

As Ruth Hayhurst reports in her excellent site Drill or Drop, it’s a First Step for the Gas Industry but The Fight Goes On.

You could always Vote Green.

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