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A car revolution just might happen in #Bedford

Taking her inspiration from the Norfolk Car Club, Lucy Bywater and a few friends have set out to create our very own Car Club in Bedford.

The idea is to have a modern, reliable car at your disposal when you need it. And it’s parked in a designated parking bay close by. When you’ve finished with it you just take it back to the designated bay. Now that would be helpful around Castle. No more trying to find a parking space in our car jammed streets.

To use a car club car you simply sign and join the club. When you need a car just book online or by phone. You unlock the car with your own personal smart card and away you go, just use the car as if it were your own.

How the streets of Castle used to look.

How the streets of Castle used to look.

Being in a car club takes away all the hassle of buying and owning a car, and it could be a way of reducing local congestion on the roads around Castle. Throw in good public transport and a better cycling infrastructure and suddenly the benefits of fewer cars, safer streets, less congestion and less pollution become achievable.

The system operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, and the Norfolk Car Club has access to over 500 cars around the UK. What a brilliant idea.

Lucy and friends are in the very early stages of developing the idea here in Castle. they held their first meeting last Friday.

So good luck with the venture and if you’re interested in the idea take a look, and like, the Castle Car Club Facebook Page .


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