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Don’t understand fracking, you must be in touch with your feminine side.

A large number of women are opposed to “fracking”, apparently, because they don’t understand it.

Who said this? Averil Macdonald, chairwoman of shale gas lobby group U.K. Onshore Oil and Gas. She’s a professor at the University of Reading too.

“Frequently women haven’t had very much in the way of a science education because they may well have dropped science at 16. That is just a fact,” she said. And they probably got married very young to concentrate on ironing and babies, she might as well added.

I think that will get them all back onside and supporting the Fracking Lobby.

If it doesn’t, maybe a few of us “chaps” can have a patronising word in their ear and reassure them.

“Women do tend not to have continued with science. Not only do they show more of a concern about fracking, they also know that they don’t know and they don’t understand. They are concerned because they don’t want to be taking something on trust. And that’s actually entirely reasonable.” Or something like that.

“take something on trust”? Where has she been? No one trusts a word that any expert or authority figure has to say these days. They’ve only got themselves to blame.

I guess there are not many women who are thinking right now, “Better change my mind on this fracking business. I suppose they have my family’s interests at the centre of their planning. And if anything goes wrong all I have to do is drop them an email and they’ll stop fracking under my house”. I trust them.

It doesn’t work like that. The default position is, “Why the fuck are you lying to me?”

And if that’s not enough, then let’s throw in a certain David Cameron and his party of Compassionate Tories. In case you haven’t noticed Averil love, you don’t mind if I call you love do you, David’s trust rating has plummeted to -240C. He’s having a little trouble on the trust monitor at the moment due to the fact that he tried telling a few monumental porkies and just got rumbled.

Averil also said,”Why are men persuaded? That’s because an awful lot of facts have been put forward,” she said. “Men will say, ‘fair enough, understand’. But women, for whatever reason, have not been persuaded by the facts.”

That’s not going to help love. You’ve just lost a lot more female support.

“What we have got to do is understand the gut reaction, the feel. The dialogue is more important than the dissemination of facts.”

I think she means the story, or narrative, is more important than the simple truth. And that is your dilemma.  Tell the truth and people don’t like it. Try the dialogue approach and you’re a liar.

The other question that a lot of people ask is, “Why are they trying to con us again?” Usually the answer is obvious in a flash,” Money, that’s why.”

To summarise: patronising; lies; who gets the money; trust. These are the problems you face, and they are hard to overcome.

If you’ve also got an audience who know the facts dear, you’re fucked. Hope you don’t mind me calling you dear, Dave C does it all the time.

There are also a lot of men who don’t believe a word of the “facts” on fracking, for exactly the same reason as the women. We care.


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