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As #TATASteel announces 1200 job losses #SajidJavid might as well have stayed in bed today.

As TATA Steel announces 1200 job losses at steel plants around the country, David Cameron and his Government, plus the Royals, entertain China’s President Xi Jinping in a show of appeasement not witnessed since in the UK since 1938.

I use the word appeasement, having been treated to claims by David Cameron, about the unpatriotic behaviour of others, and how his Government were the only ones who offered “security” to the people of this country. Right now that looks like another of Cameron’s hollow claims, given that cheap steel imports from China are being cited as a prime cause of the job losses. Yes, appeasement is the only way to describe the recent behaviour of Cameron and Osborne.

The Government response, by Sajid Javid in Parliament,  is to say the Government can do nothing to prevent the job losses. A ministerial statement so lacking in passion, fight and understanding as to be totally useless. Sajid Javid so ineffective he might as well have stayed in bed today.

The Tories are happy to drape themselves in the Union Jack at a party conference, but when it comes to standing up for working people in the UK, it’s a different story. There’s nothing they can do. They look the other way. They continue to buy steel from abroad. Get off your arse Cameron, Javid and go to Redcar. Go to Scunthorpe. Go to Lanarkshire. Go to Port Talbot. If you dare.

The Tories, the Party of Working People? You’re having a laugh.

The Tory Party providing security for families? The biggest joke of the 21st century.

When the banks are in difficulty the Government offers £Billions. When workers are in difficulty the Government can do nothing. That tells us a great deal about Government priorities.

These job losses follow closely those reported in the “renewables” industry, an industry which the Government should be developing and supporting. An industry of, and with, a future. But they do the reverse and cut support to an industry in its infancy.

So there we have it. If you have a job in a traditional industry don’t expect any support from the Tories. If you have a job in an industry of the future don’t expect any support from the Tories. If you are a junior doctor expect the Tories to shaft you. If you are a public sector worker expect the Tories to do their best to get rid of you. And when you lose your job you can look forward to benefit sanctions and poverty. And remember, your tax credits are on the way out too. That’s it, the Tory Party, the party of the worker and security. Enjoy.

At least Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett has empathy with those affected by job losses, she said: “Our thoughts are with those workers and their families in Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire, as earlier in Redcar and Port Talbot, who have suddenly seen their employment lost in areas where other job options are few. The government needed to do much more to work with the steel works owners and the unions to find a solution that keeps the plant open and secures people’s jobs, while they advance towards more energy-efficient, modern production methods in which we could be world leaders”.

Sadly Natalie I don’t think we’ll be world leaders at anything whilst we have a Tory Government, apart from topping the Inequality league table. Now that’s something we really excel at.

If only we’d voted for something other than a bunch of right-wing ideologues. Maybe it’s time to look around all you floating voters.


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