The Bootleg Green

The Green Party Voice is getting louder.

Do ItThe Green Party voice is getting louder. With each new member that joins The Green Party Voice for change gets louder.

And with each new vote cast The Green Party Voice will be heard.

The Green Party are fighting for a fairer society, where the needs of the people, not big business, come first. It’s a message that doesn’t sway with the winds of convenience, or economic statistics. It doesn’t change at the whim of a media Baron. It’s a message that’s constant, “a fairer society”.

The Green Party are looking to build a healthy democratic society. People, free from discrimination, can measure success not just by narrow economic indicators, but by personal freedom, social equity, health and human fulfilment.

We depend on the natural environment for our existence. This must be protected and preserved, not exploited for the monetary profit of the few.

The Green Party will fight to:

  • Maintain public spending on services that we all need
  • Build pressure for a real global initiative to tackle climate change
  • Cancel the planned replacement for Trident
  • Cut carbon and create jobs
  • Protect low-paid workers with a living wage
  • Introduce a citizen’s pension and free social care for older people
  • Give every child the best chance by ensuring schools are properly funded and accountable to parents and local authorities



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