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Cut Carbon, Create Jobs. The Green Party have an alternative to austerity.

The Green Party have an alternative to austerity. The Green Party opposes the Coalition Government’s Cuts. The cuts hit the most vulnerable people hardest. This includes children, pensioners, the unemployed, the low paid, the sick, disabled people and carers.Green women

In every region thousands of jobs are being lost. Vital public services, day care centres, youth services, libraries and public transport, all lost to Coalition Cuts.

To invest in your future the Green Party will bring in a Green New Deal to create jobs in a mass insulation programme, social housing, renewable energy, public transport and waste management.

To invest in your future the Green Party will protect the NHS and public services from privatisation and damaging Coalition Cuts.

The Green Party will invest to end pensioner poverty by introducing a weekly Citizens Pension of £170 for a single person and £300 for a couple. The Green Party will change the minimum wage and increase it to a living wage. Fair Taxation will fund this investment. Tax dodgers will be targeted, along with those who can afford to pay more tax.

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party, says, “I’m backing public sector protests because the government’s programme of false economies make no sense. They are hurting the most vulnerable while undermining the economy”. Natalie is clear about how the Coalition Cuts affect people.  And just as clear about where the money is coming from to make the changes that will repair the damage the Coalition has inflicted on the social fabric of our country.

“Spending cuts shouldn’t fall on public services, the disabled and jobs. We should be cracking down on tax avoidance and bankers’ bonuses, while scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons system and road building”. By doing this the Green Party will protect the services ordinary people depend on, NHS, Education and Housing. Natalie goes on to say, “Since the financial crash nothing has been done to prevent a second economic crisis. All the Coalition Government’s plans revolve around ordinary people losing their jobs, their benefits, there homes and the services they depend on”.

Ben and Lucy in Bedford.

Ben and Lucy in Bedford.

The Green Party aim to build a more democratic economy. “We need to regulate the financial industries”, says Natalie. “We need to bring manufacturing and food production back to Britain. We need to invest in green industries, from public transport to insulation, to create a million new jobs”.

Here in Bedford, Green Party candidates are working hard on local issues, whilst supporting the National Green Party in the Parliamentary election. Ben Foley is standing as Bedford & Kempston Parliamentary Candidate. Lucy Bywater is standing in the Castle Ward local elections.



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